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Transformation Helix - Influence Network Knowledge (THINK) is the program model addressing the post-pandemic world. THINK of your skill verticals, career and possibilities of having a vibrant role in the new world.


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ISAS Initiative

Transformation Helix: Influence the Network of Knowledge

A career transformation program focused on entrepreneurial and self-employment concept. Learn to Earn in the digital world with unique skill set. Defining the value proposition in a whole new way.

Development Stack for Emerging Technologies

Artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0 are re-shaping the technology. This program includes cutting-edge technologies with a complete focus on applied side. Develop MVP to show tangible skills.

Manpower for Organization-Verticals Enablement

Industry focused program to provide transformation skills in critical domains. Move the industry to next level with emerging trends and techniques along with customized solutions.

What you get

Industry Driven Qualification

Be an Entrepreneur or Freelancer

Place your skill in global market

Internships, Incubation & Jobs



The new regime of remote working acquires specific skill set beyond the domain expertise. It has changed the conventional careers. THINK is focused on this career transformation for all.  


Domain, Experience, Specialty are important in a career but in digital world the far more important parameter is Influence, to what depth and in what dimension one can influence others. THINK how to become an influencer? 



In the New World, market is the whole globe with different cultures, work ethics and laws. Services & Products networks already exist, THINK what network is suitable for influence?


Knowledge cannot be generated always, distribution & sharing are more effective and swift ways to move ahead. for career transformation THINK which knowledge stream(s) are futuristic and can enhance one's influence for challenging networks?

Industry Driven Training

We design our training programs aligned with industry and global trends to ensure the suitability of our certified workforce. Resource persons are also with rich experience and dedication for transformation.

Work Experience during Training

We work on applied methodology to enrich the skill sets. Our candidates work on real-life projects to learn their respective subjects. This work experience helps in getting professional avenues like internships & Startups.

Incubate, Internships, Startups

THINK program is closely linked with industry. We have expanding network of partners who are interested in our certified workforce for internships, jobs, incubating ideas and developing startups as career progression. 


The conventional qualification is important but in the New World, skills are on advantage, in remote work environment the only authentic medium is the skill knowledge and outcomes to get more business.

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